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An interesting first hand perspective on our latest HIFU treatment

I have two kids. My second baby, weighing in at almost nine pounds really did a number on me.

Since I've had him things just haven't been the same down there.

A few months ago I started researching my options. I read reviews about vaginal rejuvenation and V-lifts (facelifts for your vagina) but they all included surgery, painful recovery and a significant amount of downtime. So I put my search on hold. I didn't have time for all that.

Then I met a specialist in HIFU treatment and I told him about my problem. He had a modern solution for me and the best of all was the fact that the procedure was painless, fast and results were immediate.

I was very intrigued, but also skeptical. Could this really be the answer?

The Treatment

HIFU is a radio frequency treatment that targets two different areas, the labia and the vaginal canal (inside and outside basically). Focused thermal energy disrupts collagen fibers, causing them to unravel and produce new collagen fibers and stimulate blood flow, which in turn restores the vagina and vulva areas to a more youthful state.

The treatment claims to tighten and raise the labia, decrease the diameter of the vaginal opening and canal and improve natural sensation and lubrication.

I was admittedly apprehensive. Would it work? Was it painful? I climbed up on the bed, Pap smear style and the nurse got to work.

The Results

Phase 1 consists of inserting the disposable tip into the vagina. The nurse then moves the tip inward and outward (with the help of a lot of gel) while the wand is heating up to a considerable temperature. The heat in turn elevates your internal tissues to over 104 degrees. The increased blood flow plays a crucial role in tightening the tissue, along with the radio frequency. It actually feels quite nice. I've heard stories of women having orgasms from the treatment - I certainly didn't but I can see how that would/could happen. The treatment only takes eight minutes and you're done!

Phase 2. This is for the outside of the vagina. The nurse did one side and gave me a mirror for comparison. WOW. It was really like a mini facelift for my vagina. This part takes about six minutes as the nurse is moving the wand around in a clockwise motion. Also again - completely painless.

In less than 15 minutes we were done. I couldn't believe that there was no pain, but would it work? There was only one way to try out the results...

The following week I had sex with my husband. I noticed instantly (and I think he did too). My vagina was much tighter than before and the sensation was much greater. It was then that I knew that I had discovered something really special. I had to tell the world about it, especially my fellow moms. I mean, there are only so many kegels you can do!

Fast forward a month later and I've just finished my third and final treatment. I have noticed about a 50-60 percent increase in tightness in my vagina. I know, crazy right? I've also had to get rid of all my regular size tampons. I'm a lite girl now 😉

The treatment is recommended once a year for maintenance, which I will definitely continue to do. I focus so much on my face and body, but I seemed to forget about what's below the belt. From my experience, this is the most effective non-invasive option for vaginal tightness and rejuvenation.

I also did the treatment on my stomach. It felt like a hot stone massage–very relaxing–and only took 10 minutes. Once again no pain or downtime. I lost one inch of fat off my waist after only three sessions.

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